vineri, 9 septembrie 2016

Why choosing a Virtual Tour Software for your business?

While evaluating some software solutions for my software consulting company I found out that the web based software solutions have caught up the technology gap bethween them and the more versatile (at least in the past) solutions that you are installing directly in the operating system.

Now - besides the fact that the technology evolved, there is a huge market for software as a service solutions, like virtual tour software solutions, click fraud solutions or other kinds of niche software that can be offered on a monthly based subscription or on a cost per project model.

In our case I would like to tell you a bit more about Tour Wizard, which is in fact a software solution
that is able to create virtual tours. Those virtual tours can be used in the real estate industry, but not only there, as there are also a lot of interesting industries that can use this set of applications.

Now – having behind the huge push that has been ade by the mobile industry and also seeing how effective the online marketing solutions have started to be, we are sure that the adoption of software as services is going to grow bigger and bigger.

Regarding Tour Wizard we have to say that this piece of software can be recommended to any kind of company that is in the rea estate business and here I mean selling or renting a property, as it delivers great quality regarding the content, superb online marketing ideaas and anyone can really do a lot of very nice presentations without any kind of technical background or experience in this field.

As for theother solutions,  although they can be quite good, I have to mention that tohose are not as versatile and well made as Tour Wizard which is the best virtual tour platform out there, in the market.

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